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Donít Become an Accident Statistic as Clocks Go Back
2004-10-29 - By Philip Byrne

Donít Become an Accident Statistic as Clocks Go Back Make sure you can see and be seen Ė thatís the message to road users from the RAC School of Motoring in Rathmines, Dublin, as we prepare to put the clocks back this weekend for the beginning of winter time.

Between October and December each year road accidents and injuries see a marked increase. The combination of longer hours of darkness and tougher driving conditions that can further reduce visibility means that drivers need to be extra vigilant during this period.

With the colder, darker weather now upon us, the RAC School of Motoring is advising motorists to ensure they clear their windscreens, side and rear windows completely before setting off on their journey. It takes between 8 -10 minutes to de-ice properly but this time investment could save your life and those of others by ensuring clear vision.

ďIt is of paramount importance that motorists can both see and be seen by other road users at this time of year. In addition, with the extra hours of darkness, motorists are advised to always adapt their driving to the prevailing conditions. Drivers should remember that speed limits are there as a guide for driving in optimum conditions. Wet or icy road surfaces and longer hours of darkness, as the clocks go back are a potentially lethal combination and may require slower speeds than those indicated,Ē said Ailbhe Sharp, manager of the RAC School of Motoring.

The RAC School of Motoring offers the following tips to motorists as Irish winter time begins:

  • Be safe, be seen: use dipped lights even before darkness has fallen
  • Before the onset of wintry weather, check your lights and tyres, including your spare tyre
  • In fading light and darkness, pay particular attention to children pedestrians, especially as they make their way to and from school
  • Clear all ice and snow from your windows before you start driving
  • Check your windscreen wiper blades are in good condition and that the reservoir is topped up.

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