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Swap your TAB Points for 'Tyre Miles' Thanks to Semperit
2004-11-15 - By Philip Byrne

Swap your TAB Points for 'Tyre Miles' Thanks to Semperit November 8 was the last date by which you could cash in your Aer Lingus frequent flyer miles due to the decision to abolish the TAB Points programme. However, frustrated passengers need not despair - thanks to Semperit Ireland, you can still redeem your remaining TAB Points / air miles by dropping into any Semperit tyre dealer across the country.

For every 2,000 miles of air travel left on your TAB Points account, Semperit dealers will give you a 10% reduction on Semperit tyres. The offer is open until December 31st 2004.

"On average, a Semperit tyre will give you around 20,000 miles of safe driving before it needs to be replaced," said Paddy Murphy, General Sales Manager of Semperit Ireland. "So by offering a 10% discount on our tyres we're effectively giving away 2,000 miles of free driving in return for every 2,000 unclaimed TAB Points.

ďA lot of people out there are very disappointed that Aer Lingus has decided to scrap its TAB programme, so this is our way of softening the blow," Mr Murphy went on. "Irish motorists get a raw deal in many respects, but at least this is a good news story - with no strings attached!"

TAB Point holders who want to swap their air miles for tyre miles should simply bring along their most up-to-date TAB statement to any Semperit tyre dealer around the country. (If you've lost your statement, Aer Lingus will provide a replacement.)

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