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April Arrival For Audi A6 Avant
2004-11-16 - By Philip Byrne

April Arrival For Audi A6 Avant Earmarked to arrive in April, the new A6 Avant will take its place alongside a range of new and recently introduced models which Audi claims is the youngest in the premium luxury segment.

April Arrival For Audi A6 AvantBlending dynamism and design with driving pleasure and functionality, the new A6 Avant exudes all of the sophistication evident in the new A6 range. Features include a new load securing concept and storage systems that Audi claim will deliver an unprecedented level of versatility and variability.

Besides the new A6 Avant, 2005 marks the first full year in which a number of Audi models will be available on the market. New will be the complete A4 Saloon and Avant range, first versions of which have begun to arrive, plus the complete availability of new A3 Sportback models. Also adding to Audi's appeal in 2005 will be the new A6 range in its first full year on the market here.

Looking ahead, Audi Sales Manger John Hayes said "we expect 2005 to be a year of substantial sales growth. Our target will be to increase annual registrations to 5,000 units from a current record level of 3,500 units, the highest in Audišs 37 year history on the Irish market".

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