Mitsubishi CARISMA Review - GDI 1.8 1999 - Ireland

Mitsubishi CARISMA Review - GDI 1.8 1999

Name Dave Sewell
Make Mitsubishi
Trim Code GDI
Engine size 1.8
Year 1999
Current Clock Mileage 73000
Usage Personal - General
Average yearly mileage Under 10,000
Performance 9 out of 10
Reliability 10 out of 10
Comfort 10 out of 10
Running costs 10 out of 10
(10=cheap to run, 1=expensive - costs include fuel economy, insurance, car tax, servicing, depreciation, repairs etc)
Would you recommend this car? yes
Would you buy another from this manufacturer? yes
The GDI is very economical, and the engine has a good range of power for such a large car, although reviews of smaller engined versions seem to suggest that 1.8 is really the smallest you should be looking for if you want to keep performance. No paint fading problems with mine..not sure why there seem to be so many complaints about this..I guess it depends on how well you care for the bodywork..these things don't look after themselves. Not bad looking for a family saloon, and with a little work can be made to look alot better. Try banging on some 15" alloys with suitably fat tyres..instant change! Great in the cold weather..always starts first time Twin airbags and power steering, sunroof(electric) and electric mirrors as standard.
Interior lacks thought..very bland, choice of upholstery sucks big time. Yes..I too keep blowing headlamp bulbs..but theyr'e peanuts over here, so it does'nt really bother me that much. Very ocassional 'Dogging' if not given a good run, apparently the 1.8 gdi needs to be given a good 'push' once in a while.
Solid motor that can be kept as a respectable family car, or with a little cash and commitment, changed into a show-worthy racer.

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